Reasons to host your Video on YouTube

YouTube is now the second largest Internet Search Engine after Google. People are visiting YouTube to be entertained and educated and it is a perfect place for your business to reach a wider audience.

Website Sketches

Website Tips for non-Web-Designers

New to designing websites and want to learn more before you talk to a web designer, or perhaps your keeping costs down and having a crack at designing a website yourself? Here are a few useful web tips to help non-web-designers hit the mark.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising is now open to all businesses in UK

Twitter has recently opened up its advertising platform to small and medium sized businesses in the UK. This means smaller businesses or even individuals can run promoted tweets as well as promoted accounts, as long as they are signed up to Twitter and have a credit card.

Christmas Website Theme

Add a touch of Christmas to your website

A great way to show your website visitors you are switched on and paying attention to the digital arm of your business is to include themes such as Christmas into your website design or digital campaigns.

Tips for Email Campaign

5 tips for a successful Email Campaign

A surprising statistic to learn, is that Internet users read an average of 17% of commercial emails sent to them. Set up more efficient email campaigns and generate website traffic and sales with these 5 useful tips.


Improve your WordPress Website Security

Having your WordPress website hacked can cause more damage than you might be aware of. Firstly there is your personal or business presence online that could be defaced. There could be your personal information or site user information put at risk, and often you are left with an expense to fix the hacking issues and re-secure, or re-build the web site from scratch.

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