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Free archived Joomla Extensions to do what you want with

Here you go, a list of our Amplify created (now Archived) Joomla Extension downloads. Feel free to use these as you wish for your benefit. Please note: These Joomla Extension Downloads are not supplied with free support.


A simple ajax contact form Module extension for Joomla!

Download mod_ampcontact


A very simple but effective Module extension for Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5, to display the article Title in any Module position.

Download mod_amptitle 1.5
Download mod_amptitle 2.5


A great Module extension for Joomla! to display your site user statistics.

Download mod_ampuserstats


Generate a QR code with your contact information. A Module extension for Joomla!

Download mod_ampqrcode


A very popular Module extension for Joomla! Now outdated by has had over 800,000 downloads.

Download mod_ampnewsticker


The default 2.5 Latest Articles Module extension for Joomla which also includes the Date.

Download mod_amparticles_latestdate


A Joomla! donation Module to allow a different approach to taking donations.

Download nod_ampcuppacoffee

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